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The no doping best solution to a performing  and healthy horse.

In case of illness, Probiotikos improves the health of the horse without risk.

PROBIOTIKOS reduces the maintenance costs.

In everyday use Probiotikos gives the horse a better general condition and therefore has a positive effect on behaviour and performances.

Probiotikos is natural, without side effects and without  risk of overdose.

Probiotics demonstrated their effectiveness in many areas: allergy, immunity, obesity, autoimmune diseases, stress, diarrhoea, constipation, cancer, urinary tract, digestive system, prevention of caries, ulcerative colitis, cholesterol, high blood pressure ....

To the horse, the microbial digestion is much more important than the enzymatic one as it occurs in a very large caecum, thus, a good   balance  of the  intestinal    flora is  more  necessary than to other mammals.
Moreover, when the flora is unbalanced, accumulation of phenol and   indole   may   occur, arising   from  processes  of  decay, with adverse effects on health.

PROBIOTIKOS is the natural and sustainable solution to keep a horse healthy and to enable it to recover quickly.






Horses and Probiotics

The delicate balance of the horse intestinal flora may be disrupted by a change in diet, stress due to competition, change of   rider, transportation, ..., by   medication  or  contamination   by worms .
The intestine of horse is very sensitive and the problems due to intestine illness can issue to a fatal outcome.
Therefore, it is very important to ensure a healthy flora to keep a  horse healthy.